Project Reverse


Vol I: The Heart Shop

What would you trade your heart for?


A shop that trades hearts for wishes.


Osmanthus Street, a vibrant place – on the surface. In truth, its inhabitants harbor untold secrets, secrets that will ultimately destroy the town.


Lurking in the depths of human hearts lie desires, emotions, and fears, all of which are foundations for Seeds: mysterious creatures that feast on the darkness of human hearts.


Rin, a young Hunter tasked to hunt Seeds, discovers the nature of the street in a twist of events. Hidden agendas are set in motion, orchestrated by a force hiding in the shadows. The people of Osmanthus Street are running out of time.


Feed the Seed, and one day, it will eat you.


Will you let me look into your heart?

Vol II: The Mourning Town

The people of Liesne have forgotten how to smile.

A strange, mysterious illness takes hold of the town, and the people have accepted their fates. citing it a part of their lives.

An annonymous message meant for Rin’s late brother leads Rin, Kazuki and Edwin to the town, where they meet a young man named Jayden Kang. Dragged into the town’s predicament, the Hunters stumble upon a dark secret hidden behind the walls of the mansion on the hill.

Things take a turn for the worse when they come across an organization called King’s League, who has a hand in the town’s affairs.

Some things are better left buried.

Some things are meant to be found.

Would you prefer to learn the bitter truth –

– or remain in blissful oblivion? 

Vol III: The Black Mirror

*under construction