Project Reverse

Message from Xii:

Project REverse was a long-standing project created by me since middle school, developed over the course of years into what it is today. It took me ages and countless revisions – this project is very dear to heart. I grew up with the characters, learned a great deal from them, widened my view as I developed the world.

Even if I could let go of everything else, this is something I cannot relinquish – for it is my childhood friend, my partner-in-crime, the reason I am who I am today.

About the Author

Xii has always loved writing and arts since young, but somehow ended up with a health science career. After years of juggling between science and arts, she is slowly moving completely towards her passion. It has not been an easy journey, and it has been physically, mentally and emotionally tiring.

But, one thing still remains – that is Xii’s love for Project REverse, because it was the thing that grew up with her and accompanied her throughout the years of hardship.

Over the years, Xii grew. So did Reverse.

So, please stay.

Please accompany their journey till the end.