A time-space Aberrance

If you can reset the world, what is your greatest wish?

The world is a clockwork
powered by magic with fate written within
its gears.

Redo a mistake.

Make a different choice.

Amend a regret.

Relive the same moment.


Destroy the world.

People said the world is created by a magic called Reverse. The past and the present, each and every existence is recorded within its archive of codes.

To rewrite the codes, means to change the past.

A power people would die to get their hands on.

But at a costly price.

A minuscule error could wipe out the entire world. This is why tampering with Reverse is a taboo.

There have always been people who searched for the powers of Reverse to claim it as their own.

An exclusive power inevitably draws greed – an innate quality hidden within humanity.

Trapped among the agendas were people who had ties with Reverse.

A girl with a dark past.

A boy with a Mark.

A Magician who utilizes cards.

It was a blessing that brought them together.

It was a curse that tore them apart.

Tragedy repeats itself over and over.

The cycle of fate turns for eternity.

What if the world you know isn’t what you think it is?

Volume I now LIVE!

Available in paperback and Kindle format.

Volume II coming soon


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